Laser hair removal specialists





How does it work? 

Lasers emit coherent light which is absorbed by pigment in the hair (melanin). The energy of the laser is concentrated in the hair shaft and destroys the cells responsible for regrowth. 

Will it hurt?

The Cynosure Elite is equipped with an advanced cooling system making the treatment virtually pain free.  In my experience clients find waxing much more painful than laser hair removal. The sensation is that of a tiny pinch, the patch test will provide an opportunity to judge this for yourself.

Will my hair grow back?

The hair will still appear to be growing immediately after your treatment, however the hair is simply working its way up the follicle and will eventually be shed (about 2 weeks after treatment). Any hairs you see after this will be from the next cycle of growth and will be treated in your next session.

How many sessions will I need?

This varies from person to person, depending on factors such as your hair growth cycle, the area to be treated and the colour of your skin and hair.  Our technology has been proven to successfully remove hair permanently or cause profound growth delay in all skin types and all hair colours except grey and blonde.

On average clients with skin types I-IV require 6-8 treatments.  Clients with skin types V and VI require 6-10 treatments.  This is because a lower energy level is used in order to ensure no damage is caused to the pigmented skin.

Please note: The Alexandrite and ND:Yag lasers are the gold standard in laser hair removal, the above is an honest average, although some patients may only need a few treatments before end results are seen this is not the norm.  Be wary of clinics that claim you will need less treatments than mentioned above.  IPL in particular generally requires more treatments but package deals of 6 treatments can be misleading.

Can grey or blonde hair be treated?

Some clinics claim to be able to treat blonde and grey hairs but solid evidence as to whether this is effective is very hard to come by, there have been recent  advances whereby a dye is used to provide the hair with colour but results to date have been have been disappointing.

Can I be treated with a tan?

Yes, our advanced technonology means we can now treat patients with a tan. A huge draw back of IPLs and some lasers is that you are forced to have a break in your treatment until your tan has faded which is inconvenient for most of us - particularly in the summer months when we really want to be hair free! 

Can I shave between treatments?

Yes! Unlike with waxing you can shave inbetween treatments and we will ask you to shave the day before your next treatment (in the case of your consultation we ask you to  leave a small area for us to asses your hair type).  The treatment is most effective if the hair is shaved so all the light energy can target the follicle and is not wasted on the excess hair.

We do advise our clients to stay out the sun as much as possible when receiving a course of treatment and to use SPF 30 or higher for at least 4 weeks after each session.

If you would like to receive the most effective form of permanent hair reduction, in the comfort of a professional, friendly environment then IMMACULATE SKIN is right for you. Contact us now for your free consultation.

More interesting facts...

The average woman will shave under her arms over 11,000 in a lifetime and some men will shave over 20,000 times!

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment for ingrown hairs!  No more irritating skin and red bumps caused by those ingrown hairs we are all affected by (until we have LHR that is!)