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Laser vs IPL

If you think all laser hair removal is the same think again!

Here are a few facts to help set the record straight Let's start with Laser vs IPL:


There are many more published clinical studies that prove lasers are more effective than IPL. Including one study of 900 people that reported stable results 8.5 years after laser treatment. No such evidence for long term results exist for IPL.

IPL's are generally cheaper for the CLINICIAN to purchase which is why you will find many salons have chosen IPL over laser.  As a result in some cases you may find that individual IPL treatments are cheaper however.....

In the case of hair removal IPL requires more treatments on average (around 12 vs 8 with a laser) to achieve the desired results and has been known to remove the pigment from the hair, making further treatment impossible.

IPL's use a concentrated beam of incoherent light to burn the hair shaft.  They lack the lasers ability to produce a selective bandwidth that will only affect the hair.  IPL's produce a bandwidth of light that can heat up all the surrounding tissue, making it less effective in disabling hair especially on darker skin.

IPLs do not penetrate as deeply as lasers so in the case of most body areas the key structures of the hair are not destroyed meaning results are limited and generally short lived.

The Cynosure Elite has a range of treatment heads (spot sizes) ensuring patient comfort and efficient results at all times (the large IPL head can be difficult to use effectively at angles such as the underarm or bikini).

IPL's claim to achieve faster treatment times due to their large spot sizes but the Cynosure Elite works at a much greater speed than an IPL (top lip can be treated in 2 minutes with our laser).

The ND:YAG laser is considered the 'Gold Standard' for skin types IV - VI and can even be used on tanned skin.IPLs are not considered to be safe for treating dark or tanned skin.

Some IPL's are thought to be superior to lasers at defusing facial redness

Lasers have advanced skin cooling methods (IPLs tend to use gels which are not only messy but do not maintain a cooling sensation)

If you would like to receive the most effective form of permanent hair reduction, in the comfort of a professional, friendly environment then IMMACULATE SKIN is right for you. Contact us now for your free consultation.


Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted hair through the means of a probe or needle inserted into the hair follicle.  A direct or alternating current of electricity is sent down the needle and aims to damage the cells resposible for regrowth.  One of the huge draw backs of electrolysis is the treatment time as each hair must be treated individually for instance an upper lip may take upto an hour per session but the same area can be covered in under 5 minutes with a laser.  Electrolysis is however a great solution for removing odd grey and blonde hairs.

Other lasers

In addition to Alexandrite and ND:YAG there are two other types of laser technology commonly used for LHR (though you will find many brand names):

Ruby lasers are the oldest type of laser used for hair removal.  They are suitable for skin types I and II only. Treatments with other lasers are faster and on the whole provide better results.

Diode lasers are also effective at permanent hair reduction though better results have been documented with the Alexandrite when treating fine hairs.  Cosmetic Surgery Times claims that the Diode is more painful than the Alexandrite. Due to its short wavelengths the Diode is not as safe for treatment on dark skin types as the ND:YAG. In addition treatment times using a Diode can be longer.

Be wary of lasers that claim to be "Pain free", in order to acheieve long term reduction the hair must be heated to a specific temperature, this in turn will create a "prickly" sensation during treatment and if this is not achieved there is a good chance your results will not be long lasting!