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At Immaculate Skin we understand there are many reasons that a person will opt to have laser hair removal...

  • For many men and women (including me) it is a solution to problematic excess hair this may be due to your ethnicity, hormones / hormonal conditions or genetics.

  • For many it is a welcomed solution to the tedious ritual of shaving, particularly areas constantly exposed such as underarms and legs.

  • It is also the only long lasting hair removal method to eliminate ingrown hairs, particularly common in the bikini line area.

  • It is a professional solution for sports people such as cyclists, bodybuilders, swimmers and runners as well as models and dancersHelping to save time and achieve superior results to other methods.

  • Ultimately we all want to find a long lasting solution to unwanted hair and the fantastic news is that IMMACULATE SKIN can make that happen!

Contact us now for your free consultation if you would like to receive the most effective form of laser hair removal in the comfort of a professional, friendly environment.


Please do take the time to browse through the website and learn more about the features of our technology, the difference between laser and IPL and read our FAQ's.


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